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Press Releases | Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Document Archive Migration Services for SharePoint


HOUSTON, TX, March 5, 2011 -- Data Strategies Int’l, Inc. today announced that it has further expanded its data migration capabilities by adding Microsoft SharePoint to the already impressive list of target document archives supported by its DocumentGenie migration tools. It is now possible to efficiently migrate documents from over 70 different legacy archives to SharePoint.

The new services include the creation of a technical specification detailing the configuration of SharePoint, description of workflows, interfaces for content capture and visualization, etc. The technical specification also addresses the mapping of legacy “report types” and indexes to content types and metadata in the SharePoint environment.

Content migration consists of an extraction phase (from the legacy archive) and an ingestion phase (into SharePoint). When needed, legacy documents can undergo format conversions. Once the documents and their metadata are extracted from the legacy archive, Data Strategies creates a content package ready to be imported into SharePoint using its Content Deployment APIs. This Microsoft-supported approach ensures maximum speed, compatibility. Data Strategies also provides a custom import application built on SharePoint APIs that allows object-import granularity not available using the standard stsadm import command.

As with all our migration and conversion processes, our SharePoint archive migration process is database driven, allowing efficient quality assurance procedures and complete process audit-trail creation. Automatic data format validation plays an important part in the overall quality control of the migration process.

Data Strategies Int'l, Inc. has over 20 years of experience with media conversion and data migration services. The company has developed unique tools and processes to perform the migration of text and image documents archived by most legacy systems to newer document archive systems.

The company’s off-line conversion services are unique in that they use technologies and processes that do not impact the client’s day-to-day operations. Our off-line approach allows us to perform large-scale data migrations and conversions in the shortest time and the most cost effective way.

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