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The company's management team has broad professional experience and an intimate knowledge of the design and implementation of advanced, integrated hardware and software systems for information processing, storage and retrieval.

Giancarlo Gaggero


Giancarlo Gaggero obtained a Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy. He underwent advanced training in Monte Carlo and Finite Element Methods at the Max Plank Institute, Munich, and the International Center for Mechanical Engineering, Udine. Dr. Gaggero has published widely and directed or served on many national and international scientific committees.

Dr. Gaggero has more than 30 years of R&D management experience in engineering, physics, and computer science. He led the development of online information retrieval and data base management systems, graphics systems for CAD, compilers, operating systems, and communication protocols. He has experience with a wide spectrum of computers from mainframes to microcomputers.

While employed as Principal Scientific Officer with the Commission of the European Communities, (EEC), he served as director of the European Computer Program Institute (1975-1980), head of the Joint Research Center Informatics Support Section (1976-1980, serving 600 scientists and engineers), and deputy head of the JRC Informatics Division (1978-1980, staff 50). Dr. Gaggero was also the founder and president (1977-1979) of the European Association for Software and Information Transfer, (EASIT).

From 1987 to 1998, Dr. Gaggero was the president and the owner of DSI. During these eleven years, he won DSI a place at the forefront of the data storage technology, by establishing effective forms of cooperation with the major storage device manufactures as well as by developing innovative products to meet the requirements of advanced and sophisticated users.

Dr. Gaggero is currently the Chairman of DSI and served as member of the Accredited Standards Committee X9 (ASC), X9B5 Working Group on Financial Image Interchange (Media Based Bulk Image & Data Delivery).

Yash Havalimane


Yash Havalimane has over 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of application systems for both Windows and UNIX platforms. His skill areas include: full software life cycle, object-oriented programming, multithreaded applications involving asynchronous data I/O from magnetic and optical storage devices.

Yash Havalimane joined DSI in 2000 as VP Product Development, where he lead the creation of powerful software tools for performing sophisticated data migration and data conversion tasks. He co-designed, developed & tested software for each migration service engagement of the Company.

While employed with StorageTek Media Services, Houston, TX, (1999-2000), Yash Havalimane was instrumental in the development of applications for off-line data migration from legacy archives to new target environments. This included migrating documents and checks from legacy applications and storage media to new applications and new storage media with effective QA procedures and complete process audit-trail creation.

Yash Havalimane worked as a Software Development Engineer for ISS Consultants, LLC. (1998-1999). Prior to this he was employed by Tata Elxsi, India (1996–1998) where he designed and implemented security software and enhanced control software for optical jukeboxes.

Yash Havalimane is a graduate in Computer Engineering from Mangalore University, India.